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Prateek found his aptitude for yoga at the age of eight and has committed himself to intensive yoga practice since then. His dedication has earnt him the award of “King of Yoga” three times in India.

After a decade of constant practice, he started teaching yoga with an expertise in asana alignment, delivering advanced classes like back bending, deep stretches, and balancing and inversion. His training in competitive yoga has laid the foundation for his challenging and creative sequences with perfect demonstrations.

Yet, behind perfection lies thorns. Prateek’s herniated disc sustained during a competition in 2004 to a point that doctors advised him to quit competing and practicing yoga ever again. Prateek took a break to pursue yoga enhancement programs along with a Bachelor of Arts degree, during which he found yoga is life to him, although he was haunted by dreams of creating new poses and sequences for competition. After five years of therapeutic yoga practice, Prateek’s back injury was healed and he returned on stage locally and worldwide for his art.

The injury has taken him onto a new level of awareness towards the body which has advanced his teaching. He emphasizes on the importance of regulated and stable breathing in advancing postures, with the philosophy of progressing step by step and putting safety above all.

“Yoga is not for the lazy,” Prateek says. This explains the way he tracks students’ practice constantly and guides them to perfecting postures with acute observation and precise adjustments. With his healing experience, he humbly sheds light on students’ asana journey – to practice for the long haul, injury-free.

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