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HATHA YOGA: Hatha yoga is a practice of physical yoga postures in a sequence. It works on almost every part of the body from the head to the feet.

It aims to improve the physical fitness, body flexibility, physical alignment and to balance the sun and moon energy of the body leading to a more balanced state of mind.

Some warm up and stretching exercises will be done followed by sun salutation and other yoga postures like warriors, triangles, lunge poses etc.

After the class, most practitioners will find the body more open, flexible, aligned, balance and lighter.

A class for all levels of people to learn the ancient and authentic machanisim of the yogic techniques in a scientific way. 

"Ha" means sun so in this class we focus on sun energy of Hatha or "Ha" energy to detoxify the body through the "Ha" postures of Yoga.

Power yoga is designed to energise the body by creating heat in the muscles and the core area.

It is a more vigorous and faster class to build up strength, stamina and flexibility. It may improve cardiovascular health through regular practice.

Some poses are taught to strengthen the arms, the legs, the back and the front core.

Most practitioners will sweat a lot , feel energised and have more physical power after the class.


 A great class for all to generate the energy inside and outside of the body by good flow of postures for self healing. Good for mental - physical stress and overall energy.


A unified and comprehensive system of yoga from the ancient sage Patanjali which is known as eight-fold path, it is comprised of yama (self-restraints), niyama (self-observances), asana (postures), pranayam (breathing techniques), pratyahara (disassociation of consciousness from the outside environment), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (identification with pure consciousness).

A very good class to learn basic things of yoga practice, so that you come to know how to do the pose correctly with proper alignment, breathing and right muscle engagement. Suitable for everyone who wants to build a good foundation in yoga practice.

A unique class to activate the moon energy in the body with the help of moon series postures to calm down the mind and activate the glands and relax the body.
YIN AND PRANAYAMA: A class for activating lung, heart and intestine yin meridian so that the breathing starts flowing smoothly in the body. This class offers deep yoga stretching to activate these meridians, connective tissues and deeper layer of muscles and then follow by pranayama practice to take the mind in deep meditative state.

This class is a combination of breathing and postures.
A number of poses will be taught to open up different parts of the body for example, the chest muscle and the upper back and prepare the body for better breathing. Certain poses taught will help to relieve tension in the body.

Some physical movements will be done with powerful breathing which can help to supply more prana to the body.

After the class, the practitioners usually feel energised and refreshed.

It is based on the traditional vedantic, tantric, hatha yoga and raja yoga techniques for good health and mental strength. A step-by-step instruction to asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), mudras (gestures), bandha (locks) and kriyas (cleansing techniques).

Ananda, a sanskrit, means bliss so the class has a series of yoga postures which are done in a relaxing and peaceful way so that it takes the practitioner's mind in a blissful state.

Inversions are helpful to improve the blood circulation and activate the glands and dormant energies in the body, once the blood circulation is proper then muscles can stretch easily without any injury so a very good class for all level of people.

Specially designed for new comers and stiff people or those who are tired after the work. The class has a sequence of postures in a very gentle flow that it stretches the muscles with calmness in the mind. Suitable for everyone. 
This class is very suitable for beginners and new comers. Simple poses will be taught to stretch the body and muscles in a gentle and soft manner.

Enough time for each pose will be given so that the body and muscles can get enough relaxation for further stretching in a slow and soft way.

The practitioners will normally find the class relaxing and comfortable. It helps release stress from the body.

A very simple but effective class for all levels of yoga practitioners to activate the glands through yoga postures and breathing.

SELF PRACTICE: In yoga self practice has been given very much importance and it is said that without self practice you can never achieve higher goals in your yoga practice. In this class the teacher helps you individually to improve your self practice and teaches subtle technique to make practice more efficient. A very good class for learning new things of yoga practice.

SHIVANANDA YOGA: Shivananda Yoga is an Indian tradition way of yoga practice to bring better health, more energy and strength to the body.

It focuses specially on the spine making it more flexible with certain forward and backward postures.

The class starts with a breathing out technique known as kapalabhati and alternate nostril breathing. Then six complete rounds of sun salutation will be practised to make the muscle more open. A set of twelve postures will be taught to go deeper into the muscles.

A lot of physical energy will be generated during the class so the practitioners may feel hot with lots of sweating. Through practising the poses, the muscle and the core will be strengthened.

After class most practitioners will feel energised, recharged and relaxed. Continued practice will help improve physical fitness and strength.

ANANDA CLOUDS: Ananda clouds classes is anti-gravity yoga by using hammock.

The purpose is to release tension from the joints, to extend the body efficiently, to align the body structure and to stretch the muscle deeply.

With the help of hammock, it can stretch the body deeper and can help to do certain poses easier than normal yoga practice. It also helps to improve blood circulation as a number of inversion poses will usually be taught.

The practitioners will normally find the body more opened and more aligned.

Muti-level (M) intermediary (I)  and advanced (A) classes: These are more challenging classes designed to deepen the asanas and to bring the practitioners to another level of practice.

A deeper stretch of the shoulders, back, hip and legs etc. will be taught which prepares the practitioners to do more advance postures like certain arm balancing poses and various inversion poses.

This class is good to improve asana practices, body coordination  and physical strength but it is advisable that the practitioners should have mastered the basic postures before attending these classes to get the most benefit from it.

ANANDA WHEEL : This class uses yoga wheel as a tool to open different parts of the body: shoulders, upper back, middle back , lower back, hip and hamstring.

It focuses on alignment of the spine and with the help of the yoga wheel, it can achieve a deeper stretch.

With continued practice, it can relieve back pain, stiff shoulders and hunched back.

YOGA FLOW CLASSES: These yoga flow classes focus on practising postures in a non-stop flow to open up and strengthen the body. These classes will generate a lot of muscular energy and can help release toxins of the muscles.

After the class, the practitioners will normally feel the body more open, stretched, lighter and more energised.

With continued practice, it will help to improve physical fitness and better cardiovascular health.

VINYASA SERIESVinyasa series are fast and energetic classes. The poses will be practised in a continuous nonstop sequence of flow and with some fast and jumping movements.

It normally starts with sun salutation which may include some variations. Then a link of postures in a flow will be practised.

It will generate heat, energy and power in the body as well as helping detoxification.

Usually the practitioners will sweat a lot and feel energised. With continued practice, the overall physical strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness will be improved.

YOGA WITH ROPES SERIES: These classes use ropes as a tool to open the body and help to have a deeper stretch with less pressure or pain.

It works on different parts of the body to open up the upper back, shoulders, hip joints, the pelvic area, hamstring and leg muscles.

With the help of ropes, the practitioners can do certain poses or stretching more easily and more comfortably. It also helps to go deeper into the pose which the practitioners may not be able to do on their own without help of the ropes.

The practitioners may feel the body more open, more aligned and relaxed after the class.

YOGA THERAPY: This is a gentle class designed to relieve or heal certain physical discomfort or pain in the body.  This class is suitable for anyone even those who haven't done yoga before.

Simple physical movements will be taught for example, simple movements of the joints, the neck, shoulders, back and knees.

Some simple stretching of the muscles will be practised to relieve the tension and tightness of the body.

Certain physical pain may be reduced after the class. With continued practice, the practitioners may feel more comfortable, the mobility of joints and the body may improve.

TATVA YOGA: Tatva Yoga focuses on the five elements within the body. These five elements are: earth, water, fire, air and space.

In order to have a healthy body and mind, these five elements have to be balanced but due to the imbalance lifestyle nowadays, most people don't have an overall balance of these elements . Some may be more dominant than the others.

Hence, the class aims to teach different poses, some breathing techniques and some bandhas relating to these five elements one by one.

After the class, the practitioners may feel more balanced, the body more open and lighter.

INDIAN TRADITION ( SAPTANGA YOGA): Saptanga Yoga is a seven limbs practice to enlightenment. The seven limbs are: cleansing, asanas, mudras and bandhas, pratyahara, pranayama, dhyana, and samadhi.

These seven parts are practised one after the other from the first to the seventh step. Each part will deepen the other parts.

The practices taught are a combination of some breathing techniques and candlelight meditation. They help to cleanse the mind. It will be followed by some asanas practices to open up the muscles. Then some poses together with mudras and bandhas will be taught to take the practitioners to another level.

After these are practised, the practitioners will be led to a deep relaxation and pratyahara. In a deeper relaxed state, some pranayama practices will be done which aims to lead the practitioners to a meditative state and a few more practices will be taught to bring the practitioners to the final part of samadhi which is a completely blissful state.

The class will guide the practitioners to go inward and deeper into his or her inner self.
As a result, sometimes some hidden emotions may come up and get purified.

The practitioners may feel relaxed, more peaceful, more light hearted and have better concentration.

BHAKTI YOGA: In Bhakti Yoga, different mantras will be sung. Different mantras have different effect on physical and emotional body but in general, they help to cultivate love and devotion to the Devine and instilling positive energy.

The practitioners can express his or her own feelings and emotions through chanting. As some mantras go deep into the inner self, sometimes they can help the practitioners to release some hidden emotions and purify the energy.

Depending on the mantras sung during the class, the practitioners may feel peaceful, happy, relaxed, love or energised.

With continued chanting, it can help the practitioners to attain a higher level of consciousness.

INDIAN TRADITION (MUDRAS AND BANDHAS): The Mudras and Bandhas class is about energy and energy purification.

In this class different breathing techniques will be practised to cleanse the mind so that the practitioner will get closer to his or her inner silence.

Several body postures together with certain mudras will be taught. This will help to clear energy blockages in different parts of the body and the mind when the postures and mudras start working.

Some practitioners may experience tears rolling down or other emotions releasing but after these blockages have been cleared, the practitioner may feel lighter, refreshed and more relaxed.

After practising all the mudras and bandhas, it will lead to meditation.

TANTRA YOGA: Tantra Yoga is about generating more internal energy and channelising it to higher levels of energy centres.

Three kinds of locks at the base will be taught which help to generate more internal energy at the base area. The practitioners may feel some heat or warmth in the body.

Poses to activate the spine will be practised so that more energy will flow through the spine.

Sun salutation done together with visualising chakra colours and chanting of different chakra sounds will be taught. Through different sound vibrations of chakra chanting, it helps to release blockages, generate and channelise energy through these chakras.

With the energy built up, the aim is to move this energy up to the head or higher which may lead to meditation and a higher level of consciousness.

After class, the practitioners may feel more energised, recharged with energy and the energy may become more centred.

YOGA BALANCE: This class aims to improve the mind focusing power, overall body co-ordination, and physical balance of different body parts. It can also help to stable the mind, improve physical strength and fitness.

A full coverage of balancing practices and poses will be taught. A sequence of leg balance poses will be done. Other balancing poses like arm balance, elbow balance, upper back balance , lower back balance will  also be practised as well.

The practitioners may find the class challenging but it is very useful in bringing the body centred, balance and in improving concentration.

KUNDALINI MEDITATION: Kundalini is the hidden potent energy in our body. It flows through the seven chakras or the seven energy centres. These chakras are the base chakra, the sacral chakra, the navel chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the eyebrow chakra and the crown chakra.

This class aims to activate these chakras one by one so that the energy can flow smoothly through these chakras once activated. If the energy can flow freely, it will have the effect of bringing a more balanced body and mind and ultimately bringing the practitioner to a higher consciousness level.

The techniques taught are doing base lock, mudras and chanting the chakra sound.

This is a very powerful class as a lot of energy will be generated through chanting. Some emotions or feelings may be experienced during the class.

Most practitioners will feel comfortable, energised and sleep better after the class.

INDIAN TRADITION(LAYA YOGA): Laya Yoga focuses on using sound vibration and chanting of mantras to clear blockages in different parts of the body from the lower body to the navel, the heart, the throat and to the head.

As sound waves travel, the chanting helps to open the body more effectively while doing different poses.

Mantras will be sung in the class which helps to purify the energy.

The practitioner will become more flexible and lighter after certain blockages have been cleared. He or she may feel the energy being purified and sometimes certain emotions may be released as well.

Some breathing techniques will be practised which will lead to meditation.

After the class, the practitioner may feel more peaceful, relaxed and lighter.

Yin Yang Yoga works on the moon and sun energies of the body.

Yin is the passive moon energy that flows deep inside. Yang is the active sun energy that flows outward.

For a person to be healthy, the yin and yang energy in the body has to be balance.

In the class, each yin pose will be held for a longer time from one to a few minutes so that a deep stretch to the connective tissue will be achieved and that the yin energy can be activated.

It will be followed by a sequence of faster standing postures to activate the Yang energy. Then ends with a few yin poses to achieve a deep stretch and relaxation.

With regular practice, the practitioners may feel the body more open, more flexible, more balance, energised and relaxed.

YOGA FOR CORE: The core is where the power generated to carry out most movements of the body. It includes but not limited to the abdominal muscles, oblique muscles, and the back muscles.

This class will teach the practitioners how to make use of the core muscles or use which part of the core muscles to do certain poses.  Various practices will be done to strengthen the core.

With continued practice, the practitioners will have a stronger and more powerful core which is essential for doing most of the yoga poses.  A lot of heat and sweats will be generated during the class.

The practitioners will feel energised and have more physical power.

PRANA YOGA: Prana Yoga focuses working on the energy body or the "qi " i. e. the vital energy of the body.

Through a sequence of poses, it helps generate more prana in the lower, middle and the upper body.

The flow and poses in this class will be practised slower and in a more gentle manner so that the practitioners may feel the energy flow better and may develop a better concentration.

A special abdominal lock and flapping technique will be taught to generate more prana to the internal organs in the abdominal area.

Several breathing techniques will be taught to help cleansing the mind, generating more prana and expanding the prana which help to develop a capacity of concentration in the mind leading to meditation.

The practitioners usually feel peaceful, calm, relaxed and more focused after the class.

This is a class that works on the six pairs of yin yang meridians which flow through the body.

The poses taught will cover the lung and large intestine meridian, the heart and small intestine meridian, the stomach and spleen meridian, the liver and gall bladder meridian, the kidney and bladder meridian and the triple warmer and pericardium meridian.

It is almost a full coverage of stretching and strengthening of the front, the sides, the back and the leg muscles.

It will help generate heat, balance the yin and yang, improve the stamina and blood circulation of the practitioners.

The practitioners usually feel the body more opened, recharged, more balanced and energised after class.

This class aims at activating, strengthening and bringing a balance to the seven chakras or energy centres of the body.

These seven chakras are the base, the sacral, the naval, the heart, the throat, the eye brow and the crown chakra.

Chanting of chakra sound and visualising chakra colours will be practiced during the lesson. Different postures relating to each chakra from the base to the crown will be taught followed by chanting that chakra sound. Sun salutation by visualising chakra colours will be practised.

After the class, the practitioners will normally feel energised, more focused and calm.  With continued practice, it will have the benefit of balancing both the body and the mind.





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