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General Tips
Class Etiquette
Yoga is a life style, a philosophy.  Please follow below simple etiquette to enhance your yoga experience.

Yoga Etiquette :
  1. Enter the yoga studio 5 minutes before class starts.  Try to settle down, and prepare for the class by relaxing your body and mind.  The teacher will begin the class on time, so please be punctual.  Respect other members for moments of silence and concentration.
  2. Silence promotes.  It depends on everyone to contribute to a calm and peaceful environment. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside yoga studios.
  3. Yoga demands body-mind unity, and there is no place for external materialism.  Keep all bags and personal belongings in lockers
  4. Learn to let go.  Do not force yourself to attend yoga class if you do not feel well.
Preparation for Yoga Class :
  1. Do not enter the studio once class begins.
  2. Wear loose and comfortable clothes to allow free movments.  Do not wear jewellery and accessories.  Try not to wear socks while doing asanas to prevent slipping.
  3. Yoga is best enjoyed with an empty stomach, so eat slightly or simply nothing at all within 2 hours before class.  This applies to all asana (posture), breathing & relaxation, meditation and changing classes.
  4. Inform your teacher of any past injuries and/or existing medical conditions, if any, before class starts.  This helps your teacher to adjust your pose or show you other options whenever necessary.
  5. Always take rest when you feel tired or uncomfortable with a particular pose.  Do not hesitate to draw the attention of the teacher if uncomfortable in any way.
  6. Keep hydrated by drinking water both before and after class.
  7. Leave the studio as soon as the class is over, so that the amah can clean up the place.
At the Centre
  1. Maintain silence at the centre.  Keep your voice low, especially at the 33/F Reception and the sitting area where yoga studios are located and classes are conducted.  Please be considerate.
  2. No shoes inside the Centre.  Remove shoes at the entrance and leave them inside the cabinets provided.
  3. Bring your own lock for security reason.  The centre is not responsible for any loss of your personal belongings.
  4. No eating inside the yoga studios.  Drinking water is allowed for hydration.
  5. Do not walk or step on others' mats.  Use only one mat or bring your own mat if necessary
  6. Keep the facilities clean and tidy after use.  Do not take away anything other than your peronal belongings at the Centre.
  7. A comfortable resting area is located on 34/F, which is outside the changing rooms.
Class Schedule and Booking

  1. Class schedule will be issued every Friday for the following week and will be posted at www.anandayoga.hk
  2. Classes can be booked by phone at 3563 9371 up to 2 days in advance.  A small number of places are reserved for walk-in members and priority is given to the Founding Members.
  3. Booking of Yogi & I class should be made with the Reception or by phone at 3563 9371.  Confirmation is subject to the schedule of the assigned teacher.
  4. When no class is held, Yogi & I studios are available for booking by members at HK$100 per hour for self practice.  Please check the availability with the Reception Counter.
  5. Cancellation of class booking should be made at least 4 hours before Studio class begins, and 1 day before Yogi & I Class starts.  Penalty as determined appropriate by the Centre will be imposed on late notification or absence
  6. The Centre will be closed when Typhoon no.8 or above / black rain is hoisted.
  7. The Centre operates 7 days a week basically.  Announcement will be made if the Centre is closed on certain public holidays, e.g. the Chinese Lunar New Year.
  8. The Centre is closed 30 minutes after the last class is finished everyday.

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