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A talented Yoga Therapist form Holy City of Amritsar (Punjab), Master Lakhi is a well renowned, highly dedicated Yogi.  Unlike many of his other counterparts, Master Lakhi's Yoga experience was centered on his formal education, where he met his first master, Master Presher.  It was under Master Presher's diligent tutelage that Master Lakhi embarked on his journey towards holistic well being.

His passion for Yoga and sports led him to attain a bachelor and a master degree in Physical Education and Sports Medicine with Yoga.  After undergoing the N.I.S. course for Yoga Instructors, he has continued to train and hone his skills.  His yoga posture was widely recognized when he became medalist at the all India Inter University Yoga Championship.

Deeply inspired by Master Presher, Master Lakhi decided to become a guru to guide others down the road to physical well-being and enlightenment.  He compiled his own unique set of asana's designed to awaken student's spirit.  Master Lahki's classes are full of passion and energy.

His Yoga therapy is designed with a deep understanding of Yoga cultivated from both education and practice.   With years of experience in treating various illnesses, Master Lakhi's therapy has been shown to be effective in treating various illnesses such as back pain, shoulder pain etc.  Having shown breakthrough in the treatment of paralysis, severe cystic fibrosis and insomnia, his yoga therapy is now well renowned throughout Hong Kong.

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