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Raj retreat 2019
Holi celebration 2019
Inversion Workshop by Master Lakhi
Workshop on ANANDA Clouds by Master Lakhi
7th Anniversary
Cambodia Retreat 2018
Holi Celebration 2018
Bali Retreat 2018
India Retreat 2017
Samui Retreat 2017
SHEK O Outdoor Yoga Practice
5th Anniversary
Prof. Prabir Workshop 4,2016
Taiwan Retreat - 2015 Dec
Ananda Clouds class photo
Yoga in daily life
Talk on Ashtanga (Part 8) - Dhyana and Samadhi
Jali Neti Workshop
Talk on Ashtanga (Part 7)- Pratyahara and Dharana
Nauli workshop
Talk on Ashtanga (Part 6) - Pranayama
101 Asana-s Adjustment and Enhancement Workshop
Anatomy of Hatha Yoga
Talk on Ashtanga (Part 5) - Asana
Talk on Ashtanga (Part 4)
A Journey to Hatha Yoga
Shubhraji workshop
Talk on Ashtanga (Part 3)
Talk on Ashtanga (Part 2)
1st Anniversary Celebration
Community event with Lululemon
Ancient Science of Surya Namaskara workshop
Hong Kong Yoga Marathon 2012
Workshop on Yoga Secret Revealed
Mudras and Mantras Workshop by Shubhraji
Prana Yoga Retreat
Kriya Workshop with Master Lakhi
Workshop on insight to Hatha Yoga
Yoga demonstration at Parkview
Painting for JOY
Photos Gallery
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3/15/2019 1:40:19 PM
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